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This Paddle Brush is a part of The Professional series and used in professional salons.

This Paddle Brush contains 100% natural boar hair that enhance hair shine by sealing the outer layer of the cuticles and distributing the scalp's natural oils to the hair tips. It improves the quality and elasticity of the hair. The nylon bristles provide the perfect grip for effective brushing without causing tangles or pulling. They are gentle on both the hair and the scalp. The soft cushion follows the contours of the scalp during brushing, promoting not only blood circulation but also reducing hair breakage by applying even pressure to the hair. Additionally, the bristles provide a pleasant scalp massage. Suitable for all hair types.


·100% natural boar hair with nylon bristles

·Gentle for hair and scalp

·Reducing hair breakage

·ideal for all hairtypes


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