Thairapy by José Eber Restore RX Conditioning Tool

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Healthier hair in 30 days!

The Thairapy Restore RX Conditioning Tool is not a straightener... it's a revolutionary device that doesn't use heat!

So, what is the purpose of this 'tool'?

There are various factors contributing to damaged hair. When the hair is damaged, tiny cracks appear in the hair cuticles. The hair looks dry and brittle as natural proteins and moisture are lost. This makes styling more challenging. Unfortunately, these issues often arise in daily life due to:

• The use of styling tools like hair dryers and straighteners.

• Friction from activities like combing and sleeping, leading to hair breakage.

• Exposure to chemicals such as bleach and perm solution.

• Weather conditions, including sun exposure and pollution, can also damage the hair.

How does the Thairapy Restore RX Conditioning Tool work?

The Thairapy RX doesn't use heat; instead, it aims to improve hair condition. This moisture-boosting tool restores the moisture balance in the hair through state-of-the-art ultrasound, antimicrobial, and infrared technology. The primary goal is to enhance the condition and health of the hair. After a few sessions with the José Eber Thairapy Restore RX Conditioning Tool, your hair will appear healthier, shinier, and more manageable. It's truly a boost for your hair!

The Thairapy Restore RX Conditioning Tool is typically used in combination with a conditioner or oil. This tool penetrates the hair cuticles, pushing the conditioner or oil particles into your hair. This process gives your hair a moisture boost, improving its overall moisture balance.


·Healthier hair in 30 days!

·Anti Microbial UV Technology

·Ultrasound Vibration Technology

·Intense Infrared Technology

·Does not use heat!

·Enhances the properties of products used during the treatment

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